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SNAP Technical Support

–SNAP Authorization– 

Retailers such as grocery stores and convenience stores can become authorized to accept Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) cards and so can Direct-marketing farmers and Farmers Markets. These alternative retailers require different information and guidance than regular retailers, and SNAP Tech Support is here to walk you through it all!

    • Begin here!
      • Initial Guidance for farms and markets interested in becoming authorized to accept SNAP. Is this right for your farm or market?
    • USDA FAQs
      • Guidance directly from the USDA regarding SNAP-authorization
    • Online Application Guidance
      • Once you know SNAP authorization is right for your farm or market, go here for guidance on completing the application.
    • Useful Contacts
      • Phone numbers and other pertinent information for getting through this application process, as well as contact information for future needs.
  • Retailer-specific guidance (choose below)
      • Direct-marketing farmer (farm-store, produce stand, CSA, online sales)
      • Mobile Market
    • Government-owned and/or operated market

–EBT Equipment–

Once authorized to accept SNAP benefits, each retailer must acquire equipment to accept SNAP EBT cards – a Point of Sale (POS) System – which can be funded through donations, the state of Florida, USDA Food & Nutrition Services, or through personal funds. There are both wired and wireless options available.

    • Begin here!
      • Initial guidance as you explore equipment options. Is wired or wireless best for your market? How will you fund this purchase?
    • Wired (FIS Global is Florida’s provider, and can give you free WIRED equipment)
      • Manual vouchers (you may need these as a mobile or non-traditional market, or in the event of equipment failure)
    • Wireless
        • Provider Comparison
          • Useful comparison of the recommended providers by the previous government contractor of the free equipment program, the Farmers Market Coalition (FMC). They will NO LONGER BE ABLE  TO ACCEPT APPLICATIONS. If you are unable to purchase equipment on your own, you must apply to the Free EBT Equipment waiting list for the new provider, Financial Transaction Management (FTM) by emailing your FNS number and name to 
  • Machine problems
      • Troubleshooting
        • Try these simple solutions before calling your provider’s Customer Service line
      • Useful Contacts
        • Phone numbers and web addresses of support lines for SNAP-authorized retailers and markets
    • Customer Service Numbers
      • Phone numbers for every aspect of resolving technical issues – Provider phone numbers, software developer phone numbers, and merchant services phone numbers.

Please direct any further questions to

As you run your program, you will need to be serious about record-keeping if you want to qualify for grants and be taken seriously by vendors and customers. Creating a solid SNAP customer base will increase sales at your market and provide new avenues for community building. Having paid staff to run your program will increase accountability and encourage success as your start out.

    • Accounting/Record-keeping
        • Begin here!
          • The importance of record-keeping and the needed accounting skills.
        • Sample Transaction Logs
            • Non-FAB (markets and farms who are SNAP authorized but do not offer incentives)
  • Fresh Access Bucks (FAB): This incentive program will increase access to food for your community and increase dollars in your vendors’ pockets by incentivizing the purchase of Florida grown produce at your market or farm and doubling the benefit dollars spent there!