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For Consumers

When it comes to making food choices, choosing organic is becoming more and more popular. Once only found in health food stores, organic options can now be found in supermarkets and popular retail stores.

There are numerous benefits to organic consumption. Organic food is pure, meaning free of chemical additives and pesticides. Organic food doesn’t contain food additives, flavor enhancers, artificial sweeteners, contaminants or preservatives.

Organic food is also known to be more nutritious. It is known to be especially raw and non-processed, contain higher levels of beta carotene, vitamins C, D and E, health promoting polyphenols, cancer-fighting antioxidants, flavonoids that help ward off heart disease, essential fatty acids and essential minerals. 1

Through support from a Specialty Crop Block Grant, FOG is pleased to provide a number of resources that we hope will provide you with tools and information that will help you support organic and sustainable agriculture.  Find your nearest organic farm, farmers market, information on pesticides and organic food and cooking.

We encourage your use of this site, hoping that you find it useful, and look forward to your input to continue to improve it. The site is built to grow and offer up to date and practical information with you in mind.

1 Organic Consumers Association