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Farmer Friday: Alachua County Farmers Market EBT Program

We are excited to highlight the Alachua County Farmers Market EBT Program for today’s Farmer Friday!

Each Friday in November and December, we are excited to bring you stories of what Florida Organic Growers (FOG) has accomplished in the organic and farming industry and how its impacted farmers, consumers and the community while spotlighting farmers in Florida who have benefitted from our work.

We encourage you to join us as a member to allow us to continue this invaluable work.

Alachua County Farmers Market EBT Program

Since 2011, Florida Organic Growers has operated the Alachua County Farmers Market EBT program, which enables and encourages SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly food stamps) recipients to shop at two of our local farmers markets – the Alachua County Farmers Market and the Union Street Farmers Market.

Our EBT program has made fresh, healthy, local produce available to Alachua County residents in need and for many who have not had access otherwise.

Between 2011 and today, the program has:

  • Completed 5,885 federal nutrition benefit transactions
  • $132,963 in revenue generated by Fresh Access Bucks and federal benefits on Florida-grown fruits and vegetables
  • 2 farmers markets participating with SNAP
  • More than 70 participating farmers

John Bitter
John Bitter and Amy Van Scoik, founders and owners of Frog Song Organics, a 28-acre certified organic production farm located in Hawthorne, have benefited greatly from the EBT program.

“The EBT program is a huge benefit to our business and to other local growers,” said Amy.

“We believe that healthy food should be accessible to anyone who wants to eat it. FOG’s EBT program has truly worked to help build a successful farmers market and to support local growers by widening the base of potential shoppers. The EBT program purchases represent a significant part of our business in Alachua County, with over $12,706 in tokens (of all types) accepted in 2014.”

To find out more about our EBT program, please check out this great video.

Part of FOG’s mission is to advocate for the expansion of local food access and increase business for family scale farmers.

Please join us as we continue our fight to provide healthy food access for all and for this next generation of family scale farmers and become a FOG member today!