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The Florida Farmers’ Market Association

This new FOG project, established in Summer 2018, is aimed at connecting the vast array of farmers markets in our state into one membership-driven network.

Encouraging Development of FL Farmers Markets

Member markets will soon be offered specialized training and opportunities for development through collaborations with state and national organizations. FLFMA staff will focus on creating profiles for each farmers market and their surrounding community which will be used to offer personalized assistance in whichever area a market most needs, deepening the impact of membership.

Food Insecurity Initiative

Currently, 17% of Floridians receive Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits and struggle to find fresh, affordable produce in low-income, low-access food desert areas. In 2013, the CDC found that more than two-thirds of Floridians were eating fruits and vegetables less than once a day. It is imperative that farmers markets, especially those located in rural and food deserts, are able to accept these federal benefits.

The FLFMA will be working in tandem with the Fresh Access Bucks program, Feeding Florida, and others to combat food insecurity in the state of Florida by supporting the growth of farmers markets in low-income communities through outreach, training, and strategic guidance. This project is fully committed to providing technical support to farmers’ market operators around the state that are interested in becoming authorized to accept SNAP benefits, as well as resources and guidance for purchasing equipment and funding staff time at vital community outlets such as farmers markets.

We will be launching a new, stand-alone website for the project this fall. But in the meantime, please feel free to drop us a line:

Xanna Prentice, FLFMA Manager