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In 2001, FOG received its USDA accreditation to certify farms as organic under its certification program, Quality Certification Services (QCS). QCS is a USDA and ANSI ISO/IEC 17065 accredited certification body that offers a wide array of certification options for farming, livestock, aquaculture, compound animal feed, packing, handling, processing, and wild harvest operations.

As the largest certifier on the United States eastern seaboard, QCS meets the needs of operations regardless of type, location, or size. QCS offers the following certification options: Certified Organic (all scopes), Food Safety Certification (Produce GAPs Harmonized Standards, GFSI recognized GLOBALG.A.P.’s IFA-Crops-FV, PSS, HPSS and IFA-Aquaculture + GRASP + FoS Add-On / CFM for livestock and aquaculture feeds, BRC, IFS), Certified Transitional, Certified Hormone/Antibiotic Free, Organic Aquaculture, Aquaponics, Specific Trade Practices, and Food Justice Certification, which allows markets and consumers to choose to support a more just agricultural system.


Florida Organic Growers partners in launch of video series to help demystify organic certification

FOG and Little Bean Productions have cooperated with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Organic Program to launch a video series called Organic Certification Made Simple: Bite by Bite as part of the USDA Sound and Sensible Initiative, a campaign that aims to make organic certification more accessible, affordable and attainable.

The multi-part series provides a step-by-step overview of organic production requirements and the process of organic certification—by farmers, for farmers. Featuring both farm footage and animation, the videos aim to be easily digestible and succinct; each video covers a different topic so viewers can pick and choose to watch the videos that correspond directly with their interests or questions. Viewers can watch the whole series to get a holistic overview of the entire certification process.

Click on each step below and it will take you to the page with videos!

  1. Why Get Certified Organic?
  2. Considerations Before Organic Certification
  3. The Roles of Certifiers and Consultants: How to Choose Them
  4. The Application
  5. Examples of Types of Records
  6. Inspection: Preparation and What to Expect
  7. How to Renew Your Organic Certification
  8. Split/Parallel Operations
  9. Accessing Certified Organic Grower Resources
  10. Siembra Farm: Our Path to Organic Certification


Are you interested in learning more about organics and USDA organic certification? Watch these informative presentations created by QCS.

Want to learn more? Visit the QCS website for more information.