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Hungry for Justice

Hungry for Justice: Spotlight on the South from Little Bean Productions on Vimeo.

Click here for the Spanish subtitled version of the film.

Click here for the Spanish voiceover of the film.

The Hungry for Justice Campaign has launched!

The social justice documentary, produced in partnership with the Agricultural Justice Project, Florida Organic Growers and Little Bean Productions, is part of the Feeding Justice screening campaign. The Feeding Justice screening campaign encourages food justice advocates and supporters across North America to take the opportunity to host viewings of and distribute information about the film.

Hungry for Justice tells the story of a local Florida farm, The Family Garden, and their commitment to focus on social justice issues for their workers by seeking the Food Justice Certification (FJC) and market label. FJC, a project of the Agricultural Justice Project, is unique as it is the only third party verification program to cover U.S. farmworkers and farmers, as well as other food system workers, that has included farmers and farm worker representatives in the development of the certification standards, the verification process, and in a consensus-style governance structure.

What viewers are saying: 

  • “My aha moment from the film screening event was that the question is not, ‘Why is organic so expensive?’, but ‘Why is the other food so cheap?'”
  • “I learned that people are not treated as human beings, but just as hands that can be replaced by other hands.”
  • “I didn’t realize how little federal protection exists for farmworkers and that they have to be so much money in rent for terrible housing.”
  • “From the film, I realized that everything I buy is supporting particular labor practices, whether I know what they are or not.”
  • “While it has always seemed too complex a web to untangle, teh film shows that it is possible to clearly untangle the system and change is possible!”

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