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Farm Tour for Chefs

Florida Organic Growers would like to invite you to our upcoming Farm Tour for Chefs December 3rd & 4th taking place at select farms in north-central & north-eastern Florida.

With this event, we aim to bridge the gap between soil & plate by connecting key players all along the local food chain. Those involved in any part of the food service or food retail system are welcome! This two-day event includes multiple farm tours as well as talks from advocates working to foster the local food movement.

Tickets are $280 and include tours, transportation by coach, overnight accommodation in Jacksonville, and all meals prepared with participating farm ingredients to showcase the quality & diversity of products available in our region.

The tour departs 11:00 a.m. Sunday, December 3rd from Seely’s Ark in Dunnellon and will wrap up at Seely’s Ark at 3:00 p.m. on Monday, December 4th.  

Please reserve your spot no later than October 15th by registering with a $60 deposit here:


Questions? Contact Andi, FOG’s Special Events Coordinator, at or (352) 727-7146

More information on participating farms

Congaree & Penn began in 2004 as a small rice farm and have since grown from 4 acres of rice paddies into a thriving farm of orchards and animals. Congaree and Penn boasts the largest (and youngest) Mayhaw orchard in the world, after planting over 2000 trees throughout the past few years. Native to the South, this fruit bearing tree has inspired them to seek out and plant other native and hearty southern fruit bearing species on the farm.

In 2016, Congaree and Penn began juicing seasonal fruit from local farms to produce shrubs, our nod to a Colonial era pastime. As we expand our orchard, pressing and milling operations, Congaree and Penn continues to innovate and introduce new produce and products.

Cypress Point Creamery is owned and operated by second generation dairy farmers, John and Nancy Mims who bought Nancy’s parents’ farm in the 1960’s. In 1996 they bought their first Jersey cow and switched entirely to a Jersey operation. In 2009 they began construction on a cheese plant next door to their milking parlor and began making specialty cheeses a year later under the name Cypress Point Creamery. Today, they make more than five different types of cheeses, including Gouda, Havarti, Baby Swiss & Tomme.

Frog Song Organics was founded by John Bitter & Amy Van Scoik in fall 2011. Their mission is to produce nutritious food for their community and create meaningful employment opportunities. They also aim to demonstrate that farming can be accomplished with the “triple bottom line” – with respect to human, ecological and economic resources. Since their beginning, they have grown from two planted acres to managing over sixty.  They grow over eighty different types of produce, herbs, fruits and flowers—growing mainly in the field and also in several greenhouses & hoophouses. They also raise laying hens for eggs, pastured pork, and produce value-added goods such as jams and fermented foods like kimchi and pickles. Their farm has been certified organic since 2012.

Mt. Citra Organic Farm is situated on 6-acres in the beautiful Citra, Florida. As a family owned and operated farm, Mt. Citra Organic Farm is proud to be USDA Certified Organic.  Among the many varieties of produce grown, Mt. Citra Organic Farm offers fruit trees, starter plants, free range chicken and duck, heritage pork, and eggs. They do not use antibiotics or hormones, and never use herbicides, pesticides or petroleum-based fertilizers on their plants and produce. Instead, they rely on their animals and natural methods for pest control and fertilization.

Seely’s Ark farm is the largest producer of meat rabbits in the State of Florida. They started business in the 1980s and now have over 10-acres of land in Central Florida dedicated to raising small sized livestock like rabbits, pastured chickens, and sheep

Siembra Farm is a small, USDA Certified Organic family farm located in southeast Gainesville, Florida.  We offer a weekly CSA(Community Supported Agriculture) membership that gives the consumer a direct connection to the food they eat and allows the farmer to prioritize sustainable farming techniques and maximum nutrition.  We strive to grow food that is nutritious and natural while practicing sustainable small-scale farming techniques that preserve soil, air and water.  At Siembra Farm they believe strongly in food accessibility.  That is, everyone regardless of economic status, race, gender etc., has the right to nutritious food.  They want to get a fair price for our organic vegetables but we also want all people, regardless of income, to be able to afford to eat well.

Swallowtail Farm is located north of Alachua, along a fertile ridge of highland soil that crests the spine of Florida. We have crafted the farm as a model of sustainability and fine land stewardship, with a focus on appropriate scale, conservation of resources, and nature-produced fertility. No synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals will ever touch our fields or your food.