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Feeding Justice Screening Campaign

Hungry for Justice tells the story of a local Florida farm, The Family Garden, and their commitment to focus on social justice issues for their workers by seeking the Food Justice Certification (FJC) and market label. FJC, a project of the Agricultural Justice Project, is unique as it is the only third party verification program to cover U.S. farmworkers and farmers, as well as other food system workers, that has included farmers and farm worker representatives in the development of the certification standards, the verification process, and in a consensus-style governance structure.

Watch the Hungry for Justice screening and panel discussion
 held at The Wooly in Gainesville.

How can you be involved?  

Simple Steps to Hosting Your Very Own Feeding Justice Screening Event:

  1. View our screening kit  and contact AJP at and make it official. We’ll help you promote it!

  1. Take a look at some resources we’ve created to help make planning and hosting your event as smooth as possible. Download our easy to use, customizable flyer.

  2. Use our Action and Discussion Guide. We’ve created this slideshow to help facilitate the conversation that augments the movie screening. It’s essentially a template for how to run an event, including resources and information, two downloadable skit activities (Salsa Skit and Poultry Farmer Skit) to keep the audience engaged and challenges for your audiences to get active. You could use our Action and Discussion Guide as is, or use it as a template for creating your own presentation.

  1. Check out our Potential Speakers List. You may like to invite members of our team or Shelley Rogers, the film director, to speak at your event. If any of our team members can attend (either in person or virtually), they would be happy to give a talk about the Food Justice Certification, share their stories and knowledge, and suggest how folks can engage further in the domestic fair trade movement. Send us an email at or, to brainstorm how to make your event a success with a live person.

  2. Identify some friends or collaborators who will help plan and promote the event. Share a meal together to go over ideas. Tell all your family & friends about the event and invite them to attend. See our section below on host partners for more ideas. A lively mix of folks will make things even better – farmers, chefs, your local co-op/retail store owners and workers, photographers, volunteers, or even your town council-members and mayor!

  3. Check out local screening venues* and pick a date/time. Think creatively – community centers, religious centers, schools, libraries, local co-ops, local farms, theaters, backyards, or even the sides of barns and buildings!

Feeding Justice Challenges

The Feeding Justice team has created a slate of Feeding Justice Audience Challenges for social media!  Broaden awareness of food justice issues by sharing your favorite movie moment or take action by talking to your favorite retailer!

Feeding Justice Challenges