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Our Team


Pam Smith – President
Ray Chang – Treasurer
Megan Broccoli
William Kanitz
Ramkrishnan Balasubramanian – QCS Chief Operating Officer
Marty Mesh – FOG Executive Director


Marty Mesh – Executive Director (Bio)
Katie Delaney – Fresh Access Bucks Co-Manager
Sherry Doyle – Accounting Supervisor
Andi Emrich – Conference Coordinator
Mary Hathaway – Fresh Access Bucks Co-Manager
Emma King – Office Assistant
Maegan Muir – Operations Coordinator
Tyler Nesbit – Education and Outreach Coordinator
Xanna Prentice – EBT Project Manager and SNAP Tech Support Coordinator
Star Tarrant – Education and Outreach Coordinator
David Vaina – Education and Outreach Director
Jenni Williams – Communications Director
Jason Zierman – Operations Assistant


Katherine Ayers –Food Safety/GAPs Program Senior Coordinator
Ramkrishnan Balasubramanian – Chief Operating Officer
Ryan Brouillard – Crop/Livestock Certification Manager and Inspector
Cesar Cartagena – Certification Reviewer
Robert Chapa – Certification Reviewer
Kelli Diaz – Certification Reviewer
Tia Dingle – Quality Assurance Manager/Internal Auditor for Food Safety Schemes
Anais Edwards – Inspection Coordinator
Suzette Edwards – Processing/Handling Certification Manager
Laura Fitzpatrick – Certification Reviewer/Inspector
Stephen Forbes – Certification Reviewer
Brie Medina – Administrative Assistant
Mark Osborne – Certification Reviewer/Inspector
Brian Rakita – Mid-Atlantic Certification Reviewer/Inspector
Jennifer Rocco – Certification Reviewer/Inspector
Cesar Rodriguez – Food Safety/GAPs and Organic Inspector
Juan Carlos Rodriguez – Certification Reviewer
Beth Rota – Policy and Quality Assurance Manager
Casey Schmidt – Administrative Assistant
Robin Schrieber – Administrative Manager
Irina Shapiro – Processing/Handling Certification Reviewer
Sean Springfield – Food Safety/GAPs Program Junior Assistant
Skeet Surrency – Certification Reviewer/Inspector
Valerie Torres – Certification Reviewer/Inspector
Mario Velasco – Food Safety/GAPs Program Director
Chris Vigilante – Finance Administrative Assistant


Carmen Andrea Yerovi Charvet – General Manager
María Pía Haro Benítez – Marketing Coordinator
Wilson Mieles – Certification Reviewer/Inspector